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Aside from the basic common sense advice like don’t discuss your ex-wife during the first date, and don’t drink too much, here are my top tips for men.

– Women can be just as visual as men on a first date. A woman will think, “If he can’t take care of himself, how is he going to take care of me? Finally, if you haven’t changed your cologne in years, consider getting a great smelling scent.

However, it’s worth noting that ladies and gentlemen differ in what puts them off.

This is why dating advice for men varies from tips for females.

The problem with talking about your ex is that if you say something bad about your ex, then your date will see you as negative, and he or she will wonder what you’re going to say about them if things don’t work out or perhaps even wonder if you’re not telling the full story.

The more unique you make yourself appear in headlines, photos and descriptions, the more easily you’ll capture others’ attention — and more easily you’ll weed out those who aren’t interested in you. The more you can do so, the likelier you are to give potential matches pause before they automatically swipe left, and give them possible discussion points to latch onto besides the usual “Hey, how’s it going?five to six) that showcase different aspects of your life — e.g.a personal candid, a shot of you traveling, a picture of you hanging out with friends, an image of you with your pet, a photo of you engaging in a group activity, etc.She will be very impressed when you later remember things she told you. – If all you are after is sex, you have come to the wrong place.If you are looking for the woman of your dreams, there is nothing sexier than a patient man.

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The typical things women find the most repulsive are not listed in priority order.

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