Dating smartphone

Posted by / 19-Oct-2017 06:24

Dating smartphone

So who wouldn't want to tie their sexual confidence to their phone's performance?

Before anyone makes another stupid dating mistake by whipping out a smartphone, follow this advice: 1.

The numbers certainly don’t bode well for romance, do they?

The problem for daters, then, seems clear: As our dependence on this interactive, yet isolating device grows stronger, our connections with real people — you know, the ones you date? How, then, can those of us looking for love in too many plugged-in places learn to manage our romantic time better?

Digitizing the matchmaking process makes us more reliant on data than ever.

Before launched in 1995, chemistry — with an assist from serendipity — was the primary driver of matchmaking throughout most of modern Western culture.

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Passion What It Does: Measures how well you perform during sex, using the microphone and accelerometer on your i Phone.