Double your dating book tips

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Double your dating book tips

Not a lot of mumbo jumbo or cheesy coined terms for things - he's very straightforward and tells it like it is.

The skills he teaches, like any other, require practice.No great skill or canned pick-up lines will make a guy succeed with women and dating if they are not practiced, adapted, and understood.There are many canned lines given in the ebook, which give you a strong frame of reference for creating your own lines. The ebook is not filled with lines – it is a holistic reference to become successful with women.His Double Your Dating ebook launched a dating advice empire that reportedly makes over million in sales each year from ebooks, video courses, seminars and other coaching for men.De Angelo, working under his real name Eben Pagan, has also gained wide acclaim in the internet marketing space, offering business and personal development advice to marketers.

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It is not intended to be a complete resource on how men can attract women. You get strong foundations any guy must know in order to become successful with women and dating.

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