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The story began after cardborad models, then the GTx9-01 (1m span).... GTx9-05 (1m50 span) to check the behaviour (pretty satisfying ! We see that the movements of the elevons are very large, but that was not due to the pilot... And look on internet at Rutan aircrafts principles, Horten principles (look at PUL10), B. You can start with cardboard cutting, a small scale, then you launch your trial mokeup manually.... So it is oversized, clearly, because the measurement confirmed the calculations with an intensity close to 100A under 24V. Actually I target to keep the maximum take off weight under the 450kg to keep in the ultralight legislation rules for 2 persons. To enter in the plane, the pilot and the passenger have to go from the front of the machine to the cab, with a stair which is included in the leading edge, to the cockpit. Look at the 2 videos on the same time, synchronise when take off... G6Ni1U Azec3.

ranshe...\vmiesto bokovoj truby=tros\. dietaliej... I made some mokeups and trials to understand the design. Another thing also, confirmed by the radio pilot, is that I embarqued a video transmitter which was unfortunatly disturbing the radio control. :)If you want to read some interesting book, try "Nurfluegel..." from Karl Nickel. The electrical motor I have is a brushless motor able to work under 48V and able to deliver 6000W. You don't need material where you have no strengh ! Short span, and large root section, then low strengh... I will make a modification within next days and come back for trials.

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), and right now the GTx9-07 (2m45 span), which began to be really precise. The idea behind those models is validate the design, which is pretty good now, of a light and safe machine scale 1 (6m span), in oreder to build it by myown and fly with...because I'd like to fly with, of course. So now I just install a recorder on board, no more perturbating system. For real size aircraft, the formulae keeps the same, of course... The engine will be from BMW flat twin motorcycle (90cv). At low speed now : very good, very manoeuvrable and responsive. or the use of additional control surfaces on the rudder?

Jane's "All The World's Aircraft" (1935 edition) describes this airplane as "a two-seat machine with a 70 h.p. This has a high aspect ratio wing with straight leading-edge and built in nacelle...." In plan form, the wing is almost semi-circular. facetmobile : The keys here are light weight, 1:1 power ratio, and money!!! Any request or idea, please don't hesitate to ask... With many thanks for material, there is on than think. Now regarding the winglet : Actually I have to put a certain vertical surface to secure the yaw stability. So my message is just to say that finally the conclusion is : This design is amaising, it can fly at very low speed as well as high speed, ratio 4:1. Same thickness, same camber, but the maximum thickness not at 30% but at 50% of the chord.2) As we lost some efficiency at high speed to turn up, I added a small surface which is always in a non turbulent airflow.

is no longer in existence, it is possible that later models of this or similar U. Then :1) Definitly OK for all2) Helping, but can be replaced by increase of the elevon control3) Must be implemented : I've to work out the elevons for rigidity, perhaps also one for high speed and one complementary for low speed. Pursuing a new concept in airframe design, a small team of engineers decided to start with a blank slate and use the latest computer-aided engineering tools to optimize aircraft geometry from a purely aerodynamic point of view.

Dear all, Actually this model is not really 100% a FMx5, but a model that after studying the principle of the facetmobile FMx4.... because the center of gravity was not located correctly, and because the plan wing was not stable on the longitudinal point of view. I also wanted to equilibrate the profiles all along the span.... fell free to ask, I started also by reading and asking questions.... Ask why, understand, try, make errors, learn from errors, make your own experience ! Then the propeller is calculated with the usual formulae : P=k*D^4*p*N^3where P is the absorbed power by airscrew in Wk is 1 to 1,2, according to airscrew quality D is airscrew diameter in ft (1m=3,281ft)p is the step in ft N is the rotation speed in 1000tr/min For example in my case, for this model : Supply voltage 24VKv of motor = 200 V/tr/min So maximum rotation speed (full throttle) = 4800tr/min At this speed, an airscrew of 25"x12" will absorb 2300the intensity pulled from battery pack will be around 95A. It means that the efforts doesn't require so much material.... Then conclusion is that we have to improve the shape of the "equivalent" airfoil, especially close to the tip.

So answering your questions : Why did the -06 model breakdown ? Actually I tried to have a airfoil profile of 12% at the root, coming from a airfoil of 18% in the middle. Because of the low strengh inside the skin, the whole machine is "empty", full of air. Actually, there is a flow separation at high speed explaining the lack of efficiency on control.

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