Quickgpsfix not updating

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In order to have permission to access the USB devices when running as anyone other than root, a udev rule must be set up to allow access for unprivileged users.

The rule I have set up is: $ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/99-tomtom.rules SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS=="1390", ATTRS=="7474", SYMLINK ="tomtom", GROUP="usb", MODE="660" SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS=="1390", ATTRS=="7475", SYMLINK ="tomtom", GROUP="usb", MODE="660" SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS=="1390", ATTRS=="7477", SYMLINK ="tomtom", GROUP="usb", MODE="660" The above udev line basically gives access to USB devices to members of the "usb" group.

When I re-contacted Tom Tom to complain about this, not only could they not give less of a damn, but they tried to sell me a new Tom Tom unit to replace my "defective" GPS unit.

So I finally connected the device to a Windows box and let it upgrade whatever it wanted (you don't need to login to do that apparently).

Most of the functions rely on the XML preferences file existing, so this must be done first.

The ttwatchd program runs as a daemon, which will wait for a watch to be connected, then automatically perform whichever operations are specified on the command line.

I contacted Tom Tom because I was unable to download a map update.

Their tech support representative, who could barely speak English, gave me incorrect instructions which resulted in my loss of all of my saved locations.

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