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Which explains why, while hypersexuality is listed as one of the primary symptoms of bipolar in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition), many psychiatrists refer to it almost as an afterthought—if at all—when forming a diagnosis: Racing thoughts? Indeed, patients complain that their doctors rarely want to hear about it.

But it wasn’t until Bev reached her early 40s that her sexual impulses underwent a sudden change.

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Even now, despite everything that has been learned about the illness, it’s hard to put a finger on how big a problem it really is. Only seven studies have ever been published on the subject and their findings diverge: According to these studies, hypersexuality occurs in 25 to 80 percent of all patients with mania. Further, Jamison found that twice as many women as men reported sexual intensity as “very much increased” during hypomania.In all the years she’d been going to see him, she was shocked to realize, this doctor had never once asked if hypersexuality was one of her symptoms. He finally asked me and I said ‘no.’ The second time he asked me I couldn’t lie,” Bev recalls.“I wrote to him and said, ‘This is me,’” the woman recalls. At least one study found that hypersexuality appears to play a larger role in women’s lives than in men’s.(You can either click "comments" below or email me, your choice.2/6/08 update: As readers continue to use "granny sex" in emails to me and comments on this blog, as well as the search words that bring you here, I've come to understand that the term is not meant disrespectfully.In fact, a few of you have written me using "granny sex" quite lovingly.

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