Who is taylor swift dating november 2016

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Who is taylor swift dating november 2016

Remember last week, when several media outlets reported on the rumor that Taylor Swift was dating Drake?Well, it seems that either Aubrey has once again had his heartbroken by an A-list songstress, or the the whole thing was bogus. Anyway, it's not the ongoing romantic woes of young Drizzy that we're concerning ourselves with today. Sure, Halloween just passed last night, but the leaves are rapidly turning and the weather is getting colder than a long elevator ride with Taylor and Katy Perry.As you probably know, Taylor was still dating Calvin Harris when she danced with Hiddleston at the 2016 Met Gala, and now it seems Hiddleston may have influenced her decision to call things off with the Scottish DJ and producer.A source tells that Hiddleston informed Swift that Harris had been making moves on other women behind her back: “Tom told her that Calvin hit on one of his friends,” says the source.

Most of the tweets have since been deleted, but he ended it on a kind of, sort of positive note. “I was protecting what I see as my one talent in the world being belittled.

Thanks to Taylor's online stalkers, we know that she also flew to London the same weekend.

Interestingly, her plane landed at Stansted airport.

"Taylor met with the girl Tom said Calvin was hitting on, and she denied it ever happened," says the source.

"Now she and Calvin are talking again.” Yes, it seems it's too late for Calvin and Taylor's relationship, but by all accounts Swift and Harris are friends again following an ugly, high-profile breakup.

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After being linked with Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston and then Drake, it is now rumored that the "Shake It Off" singer could be dating two men at a time.

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